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KOS Motorsports Website "Bitchin"

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Inside The February Issue Of Fastest Street Car Magazine Bitchin WebsiteIt's nice to know that the series races you help entertain give back in great ways. KOS Motorsports has now felt this in a published article reviewing our website inside the February Issue of Fastest Street Car Magazine offered to gazillions of racers, speed shops and internet viewers in one of the coolest styles with their Z viewer magazine Online.

Confirmed by the staff at FSC, titled as "Bitchin Website". KOS Motorsports is a proud recipient trying to keep our fans in contact both at the track and on the net with updates and our long overhaul of the Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am.

Rewards are good knowing your fans of the NMCA series can see you both in print and on the net with help of the staff from The Fastest Street Car Magazine.

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The KOS Motorsports Trans Am Version 2.0 Twin Turbo Now Updated 2010:
New Article Builds From The Resurrection Of The Phoenix
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The New Outlaw 10.5 Twin Turbo Trans Am In Paint And Ready For The Engine Install The once well known high stacked forward facing scoop that housed the massive nitrous intake system on this fan appealing trans am has now taken the sleek approach into the low and clean look now used to cover the new twin turbo application found beneath the WS6 replica hood of Shawn Zubler’s Outlaw 10.5 Retro Trans Am after his NMCA, race crash as found below in past articles.

The Base Set up For The Twin TurbosThe Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am is well on its way to again becoming a force in all Outlaw 10.5 classes together with combined engineering of vital components and a well thought out design of needed performance enhancements that will surely sustain the once NOS powered vehicle back into the mainstream of big horsepower turbocharged entries for years to come.

The Updated Version 2.0 Trans Am can be seen pictured under many different timelines of build and preparation to convert the car from the fourth gen bare body into what is now sitting as a car needing only minor additions to any Outlaw 10.5 racers normal particulars of finishing off a full race car from a new concept.

Adding The Cynergy Composites Trans Am Panels Made Of Carbon FiberThe beautiful F Body lines of this era firebird have been replaced using molds from KOS Motorsports and produced by Cynergy Composites in micro weight carbon fiber just for this car and are now going mainstream for owners of the 4th gen firebirds, All ground effects, quarter panels doors, trunk and the Awesome "98 to 02" F Body / Trans Am front clip of the car are molds owned exclusively by KOS Motorsports in conjunction with Cynergy Composites for manufacturing and are available for order through KOS Motorsports and Cynergy Composites for purchase. The damaged panels have been replaced and gone far towards the lightening of the original panels as seen in the images. All work was done by Shawn Zubler mounting and adding these components.

The Twin Turbos Mocked Up In The KOS Motorsports Trans Am 2010One of the most inquired upon updates of the Trans Am was the swap from nitrous to twin turbocharged and how it was undertaken. Zubler had been considering this since his meetings with tuning wizard Don Bailey of DCB Enterprises in the middle of the season last year while still on laughing gas. Bailey was much involved the with performance of the car through data researched over his combination of gears, transmission type and converter, his adjustments alone moved the KOS Motorsports Trans Am much closer to positive performances of its last outings on the track. Zubler took the "I love nitrous" out of his vocabulary and started speaking of intercoolers and hairdryers after Bailey and various manufacturers had given him enough data to realize the cars potential for more streamlined power with the use of turbocharging, Zubler bit the bullet and is not looking back. Between his own skills as a driver and his team’s progression of being able to handle the power and chassis of this car, the transition should be an easy one which leads us into the familiars of what the induction will consist of.

A Close Look At The HRE Induction Specialties Sheetmetal IntakeWhile changing over the combination, Zubler had the opportunity to work closely with HRE Induction Specialties to create a manifold that was physically an improvement over most seen in the cars today using it for research and development purposes. The stunning work by the HRE manifold specialists is seen throughout the creation in their spot on welding, the billet runner and port design leading through the Accufab throttle bodies and the Moran Racing injectors with fuel regulation by Weldon.

Kooks Header Pipes Forcing Air To The Modified Supernatural Turbos Built By KOS Motorsports On The Slawcko Racing HeadsThe exhaust side features stainless steel tubes and parts provided by Kooks Custom headers and built to fit by KOS Motorsports also in house. The fitting was done to ensure the best physical flow and easy entrance into the originally manufactured Precision Turbos now modified heavily by Supernatural Turbos by including billet compressor covers, special exhaust coatings, and secret flow enhancements to the housings that will benefit the uncompromising head porting and flow work by one of Zubler’s best kept secrets Slawko Racing Heads Morgantown PA who worked over the Brodix heads, Jesel rockers moving into the combustion chambers where new Diamond pistons reside wrapped in Total Seal rings pressing and creating the revolutions via MGP rods to the Bryant crank housed in an aluminum Donavan block fitted with Jesel lifters and a Jesel belt drive sitting right up front connecting the "unspecified camshaft" to finish off the improvements to the motor and the oil held in a custom Stefs pan for a complete dry sump oiling system.

The New turbo combination also needs the typical yet exclusive use of intercoolers and ice chests to further gain more power and race day consistency as the Trans Am is fitted now with a PT3000 intercooler by Precision Turbo, Chiseled Performance ice box residing rearwards next to a Safecraft Fire Suppression system. Data, data, and more data is what is needed in the realm of turbocharging and there is enough quality products out there as Zubler will use the best of what is available such as the AMS1000 boost controller, a Racepak data logger and dash supplied by DCB enterprises with Big Stuff 3 for management.

Chiseled Performance Ice Chest To Cool The Turbos MoreBig Stuff 3 Engine Maqnagement BoxThe Racepak Data Logger Installed In The Trans AmDashboard By Racepak In The Updated 2010 Trans Am Version 2 Outlaw 10.5

In the next few months, the car will be going through some more intense build sessions to make to the NMCA's scheduled first outing as Shawn Zubler intends to again run the full series including the available race series in his tri state area and the biggest Outlaw major events from The Orlando World Street Nationals to the 8th Annual Shakedown At E Town at the end of the year.

Added Photo Array Of The Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am Build 2010

Stainless Steel Turbo Headers During FabricationThe New Trans Am Front End With The WS6 Cowl HoodCustom Made Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am Front Header ClipThe Front Clip In Paint At KOS Motorsports.com

A look at the carbon fiber trans am front clipCarbon Fiber Doors Installed on the Outlaw 10.5 Trans AmMasking off The roll cage for paint and bodyThe complete front of the KOS Motorsports Trans Am

The engine mock up installed in the trans amEarly installation of the twin tubos on the Outlaw 10.5 trans amThe Custom Sheetmetal Turbo ManifoldIntercooler installed in the passenger seat of the TA

Intercooler Inlet Pipe installedThe Luzerne Blue On The Painted Version 2.0 Trans Am 2010

The Trans Am Build From Its Roots As A Nitrous Car:
Part One: History, Commentary, Chassis Preparation
Part Two: Chassis Details, Body and Final Fit:
Part Three: Motor Install Details, Hitting The Track
Part Four: Details And New Paint Finalizes The TA:

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The KOS Motorsports Trans Am Version 2.0:
Resurrecting The Phoenix
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All of the recent updates you've seen so far at KOS Motorsports came somewhat bittersweet in knowing that Shawn Zubler’s season had ended months before all of this praise, awards and recognition were finally in print. What was going on behind the scenes was a fresh start at rebuilding the Trans am after it's collision with the wall following his first win at Milan during the NMCA race in Georgia.

The car was humbly resigned to Shawn’s garage to be hashed over the following months knowing full well it would be rebuilt but just how much of a build would be necessary? While the engine was already out and being scattered for a refresh all over the country the team had a complete and deep look into the damage. It was obvious that more of the original body was too far gone so another "donor" car was found and mounted on the chassis after the repairs to that had been made. Much of the original front chassis on one side was heavily damaged and put back into spec with some upgrades to what the rules allow now.

Shawn figured since so much of the car was already fiberglass or carbon fiber that he would take advantage of keeping bodywork to a minimum with the new shell, body putty and added metal is never a good thing when weight is at a premium cost in this class so out came the scale and parts were stripped to the bare minimum. Foregoing the lengthy search for the parts, Shawn invested his own funds into securing the parts his own way to have them reproduced in carbon fiber which allowed him a quick response for his needed doors, fenders, hood and so on. The car is now on a very lean diet of that infamous composite. As you can see in the photos, various stages have been completed and the car is back to awaiting a final fit of all panels, wheel tubs are installed as is the equipment that was removed and is awaiting its trip to the body shop where Shawn's cousins will lay down the exact same paint and retro stripes that people just grew fond of and magazine editors praised for its lean, clean look of old and new Pontiac screaming through burnouts and making 200MPH passes.

Once back from the body shop it will await the fresh new engine after all the polishing and internals have been upgraded and the tuning handed over to Don Bailey of DCB Enterprises. The car was increasing its potential on every pass until it met the concrete barrier but with the aid of his team and sponsors the transition from crumpled Trans Am to gleaming new 10.5 Outlaw Trans Am has been fairly painless for everything but Shawn’s wallet which in this economy is a struggle. Shawn recently acquired a few new sponsors after his trip to PRI to make things go a little smoother since we've added a much needed Sponsor Index page in the top menu.

Team KOS Motorsports would like to thank all in advance for following Version 2.0 into a near completion stage awaiting just the motor and installation for early track testing as soon as possible, this team never stays away too long for the competition to get a heads up on them.

Completely FittedChassis SurgeryDonor Car ModificationsTubs And Extra Equipment InQuarter Panel Wreckage

Closer Look at The DamageThe Bare ChassisNow This Is Really Not GoodBringing Her Home

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Shawn Zubler Hits The Cover Of Fastest Street Car Magazine:
KOS Motorsports Joins An Elite Group

Fastest Street Car Magazine Cover December 2008To this day most would say that the internet is where you get the most exposure, but as all of us know as drag racers it's a monumental part of your racing history to be on the cover of a giant magazine such as the NMCA's Fastest Street Car publication.

Shawn Zubler and Team KOS Motorsports join this group of racers photographed under power at Milan where Zubler took the Nitto Super Street 10.5w title.

Inside the magazine is a detailed history of Shawn Zublers efforts to make himself known to others as a competitor just willing to take the Championsip with all his efforts.

Team stat's, car specs and crew members are all fully featured along with the teams upcoming plans of a run at the title in 2009 You can visit just about any speed shop, race track, parts store and find an issue or subscibe online at NMCA Digital and even read the extremely cool version online, just like it was in front of you on your desk.

You could say that this team had its up's and down's as the year progressed to the season ending crash, but withing the last two months, Shawn Zubler has found himself more recognzed now than ever and surely has a target on his back with whomever stages in the next lane this season to come.

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Shawn Zubler 2008 NMCA Rookie Of The Year:
The NMCA's Recognition At Its Finest

NMCA Rookie Of The YearThroughout the season Team KOS Motorsports has tried to show not only the fans but the NMCA Series just how hard they try to be a force in The Super Street class of the series.

It seems Shawn Zubler and his Teams efforts paid off as the winner of the "NMCA Rookie Of The Year" was announced at the PRI convention in Orlando this past weekend.

Shawn Zubler was honored with The Crystal Rookie Of The Year trophy, NMCA jacket, and signature award in front of thousands upon thousands of racers, vendors, and possible sponsors as his mission was not only to see if this award was his to win but to do as others do, trade information and look for prospects in sponsorship and see what's new on the market.

Shawn made quite a few contacts with hopeful and promising endorsements to have the car sponsored and the promise of a ride ready to race as the season comes near with a totally new combination that we'll be bringing you with all the facts and details as the repairs to the injured ride commence into a viable machine with some very cool one off parts that Shawn will be telling you about in the future along with Geisheimer Motorsports Insurance who is playing a heavy role in this along with Speed Freak Clothing.

KOS Motorsports ProposalShawn took a different approach to his campaign this year at PRI with a Video Proposal and his Cover Page issue of Fastest Street Car Magazine. Many that were in contact with Team KOS Motorsports thought it was a well arranged proposal in all and complete. Shwn will have quite a winter to celebrate after this December is over and the new year rings in.

Congratulations to Team KOS Motorsports and Shawn Zubler taking NMCA and PRI by storm.

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KOS Motorsports Trans Am Featured:
Inside GoneDragRacing.com's 2009 Outlaw 10.5 Calendar

KOS Motorsports CalendarAs the year ends and things start to happen for Christmas and the holiday season, gifts start taking shape and interesting products appear like the GoneDragRacing.com Outlaw 10.5 Calendar series.

KOS Motorsports Trans Am gets a viewers choice and is voted into the innaugral GoneDragRacing Outlaw 10.5 Calendar for 2009 along with eleven other racers in brilliant color from their Cafe Press Storefront.

View The Outlaw 10.5 Calendar Here

KOS Drag Toon CalendarAlso Shawn Zubler is added into the Leo Barnaby "Drag Toons 2009 Calendar" to benefit his young daughter after Leo's early passing, all proceeds from the sale of this particular calendar with his "75% see through" image go to young Jenna's Scholarship fund.

All shipping is within days of your order and 100% satisfation is the guarantee.

A great way to help in this childs life with KOSMotorsports wishes.
View The Drag Toons Benefit Calendar Here

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