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Shawn Zubler And More NMCA Signature Awards 2008:

NMCAEach year the NMCA-Edelbrock series recognizes ten members of the organization who display an attitude and willingness to help grow the sport of street-legal drag racing on and off the track.

Through their efforts and contributions, the NMCA continues as the nation's premier heads-up drag racing series. This year, the following group will be recognized and receive awards at the NMCA-Edelbrock Awardís Ceremony in Orlando, FL.

Congratulations to all.
Hank Hill, Vinny DeMieri Jr., Shawn Zubler, David Bigelow, John McPartlin, Kris Nelson, Tony Bischoff, Andy Schmidt, Don Baskin and Scott Cozzali. Read More Here At NMCA Digital

A Crashing Halt To Team KOS Motorsports Season:

NMCAAt the latest NMCA race in Georgia, Shawn Zubler had all intentions of getting the car in the six second zone as the Trans Am was almost to the point of perfection after his big win in Milan.

All hopes were dashed as his third qualifier trying to better his earlier 7.13 @ 199 was ready to be lowered the car veered hard into the guard wall impacting the right front sending the car into a spin and again back into the wall with the rear of the car causing severe damage.

In Zublerís words ďIt was on a run as usual but the rear seemed to get a little looser and it felt like something broke on the right hand side and within fractions of a second the car was heading for the wall. Impact inside the car was intense as I got out of the harness I was in shock at the sight of the damage to the T/A.

We'll try and regroup but as far as this season goes for this car and the amount of races we we're looking forward to run it doesn't look like it will happen for the rest of the season."

Zubler was sore but unhurt due to the excellent protection the T/A has built around it and Shawn's own safety measures.

This video courtesy of a race fan "minimalsubliminal".

NMCA Milan Victory For Shawn Zubler And Team KOS:

NMCAA tough season always has its highlights, this being one of them. The Nitto Super Street division of the NMCA has proved that the cars and drivers are of top notch performance and abilities setting the bar higher at each event.

Shawn Zubler and team made the trek to NMCA Milan Dragways 2nd Annual JE Pistons NMCA Muscle Car Nationals Presented by Keystone Automotive to further their points lead and take a well deserved shot at a win far from home.

KOS Motorsports first season NMCA win came late in the evening after a hard fought set of rounds on a drivers track as each car had their 10.5 tires tested along with their driving skills against legendary Spiro Pappas in the final round of a pedal fest.

After qualifying in his worst position of the year 7.137 @ 197 with a number nine spot in the ladder, Zubler would need to face Jim Blair who couldn't make the call after an all night thrash session to repair a cylinder head was remedied. Blair sheared off the converter bolts giving Zubler a bye run into round two.

A battle of the fourth gen GM's ensued in round two with the exceptionally consistent Rob Golobo who laid down string's of seven "0's" all weekend falling victim to Zubler. Golobo .053 was pretty good at the green and Zublerís .030 reaction time was well done while Golobo would struggle to hold the power down as Zubler's 7.47 @ 201 bettered Golobo's 7.55 @ 200 and came out with his win.

Semi finals matched Tony Nesbitt and "Team Midnight's" Corvette against Zublerís ready for action Trans Am. The long time NMCA highlight reel racer "Tony Nesbitt" .061 got the tree on Zubler with a stunningly off pace .109. Zubler would make up ground as Nesbitt fought traction leaving him in the loss column 7.65 @ 199. Zubler crosses the finish first and into the finals with a solid 7.25 @ 201.

NMCA pointís leader and number one qualifier "Spiro Pappas" would be the final pairing of the night against Zubler. Pappas was also toughing out traction problems in the well know Camaro and its power as Zubler too would need to fight the 1320ft of Milan's track. Pappas eases out a .105 while Zubler stabs the tree .018; Pappas is making power but again trying to hold it down like Zubler was in the opposing lane meant that the first one who lifts loses. In this case it was Pappas 7.29 @ 160 giving way while Zubler 7.20 @ 202 screams past on the top end taking a well earned "on and off the pedal" victory against one of the toughest trademark names in NMCA racing.

KOS Motorsports sits now as a race champion in one of the longest running Street Legal series to date.

Click Here For NMCA Race Results and More
KOS Motorsports News August 2008:

gonedragracingKOS Motorsports would like to welcome you to our brand new website. We hope you will find this an experience and a travel through our race season along with understanding our goals for this season and the year as competition heats up for a big closing in the 2008 season with many more races before the year 2009 is upon us and we bid 2008 farewell.

We've compiled just about everything we could to bring you the most full featured website to find out everything you wanted to know about the team, car, and it's owner / driver Shawn Zubler. We hope you find it entertaining and appealing.

The mission for the team this year was to compete in NMCA's Super Street division with a nitrous combination to run with the turbos and beat them at a game they feel that they have the dominant power adder. The local races in the northeast featuring the Atco Raceway / J & E Performance "Quick 8's" and Cecil County / Finishline Performance Saturday Street Car Shootouts for points and wins as much as possible.

As the back half of the season closes in, The Outlaws at Atco, Shakedown at E Town and of course Orlando we have our sights on being prepared for. This is just some of the information and events you can look forward to seeing the Trans Am in competition.
Past News From The Season
As this website was under construction quite a few races have passed and points have been listed for our accomplishments as a team. Since last year a few changes have been made to the car now since weights have changed and classes have been reconstructed so KOS Motorsports has taken every advantage possible to make this car as competitive as it can be in the season ahead, more than 200 lbs have been removed from the car which is always a winning advantage.
Statistic / Results From The Previous Months:
KOS Motorsports would like to bring you up to speed on the results so far from our 2008 season.

NMCA Points As Of August 25th. Four Races Completed For Points:
  • #4: Shawn Zubler 1,085

  • NMCA Milan, Mich. Final Qualifying:
  • #9: Shawn Zubler 7.137 197

  • Round Results:
  • W: Shawn Zubler Bye Run
  • L: Jim Blair Broke
  • W: Shawn Zubler .030 7.477 201.66
  • L: Rob Golobo .053 7.553 200.16

  • W: Shawn Zubler .109 7.256 201.75
  • L: Tony Nesbitt .061 7.651 199.88

  • W: Shawn Zubler .018 7.205 202.74
  • L: Spiro Pappas .104 7.29 160.27

  • Kos Motorsports Champion of NMCA Milan

    NMCA Joliet, IL Final Qualifying:
  • #5: Shawn Zubler 7.277 197.19

  • Round Results:
  • W: Shawn Zubler 0.046 7.192 196.87
  • L: Gino Cavalieri 0.046 7.425 189.04
  • W: James Robbins 0.05 7.13 203.74
  • L: Shawn Zubler 0.046 13.384 75.72

  • NMCA Atco, New Jersey Final Qualifying:
  • #5: Shawn Zubler 7.165 194.77

  • Round Results:
  • W: Keith Neal 0.09 8.185 180.81
  • L: Shawn Zubler N/T

  • NMCA Bowling Green, Kentucky Final Qualifying:
  • #3: Shawn Zubler 7.124 202.82 202.82

  • Round Results:
  • W: Tony Nesbitt 0.116 7.449 187.5
  • L: Shawn Zubler 0.092 11.953 75.06

  • NMCA Bradenton, FLA. Final Qualifying:
  • #2: Shawn Zubler 7.149 199.07

  • Round Results:
  • W: Shawn Zubler 0.055 7.285 176.92
  • L: Mike Yedgarian - 0.105 7.338 201.07

  • Round 2: Broke:

  • image